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Mustard Chicken with Root Vegetables: Or, The Story Of A Lost Recipe

IMG_7005So this is a story all about how…I tried a recipe this summer and can’t find it anymore. Legend (or memory) has it that I made this great chicken dish over the summer that was easy and healthy. I’m pretty sure the recipe was found on my Foodgawker app, but when I went back to make it again this fall, it had somehow disappeared from my world. I searched through Foodgawker and all of my bookmarked recipes (and believe me, there are a ton), but the elusive chicken was nowhere to be found.

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Crusty Bread With Toasted Grains: That’s The Stuff I Do Like

IMG_6995I know some readers will cringe at the thought, but I love the taste of really nutty, grainy bread. A thick slab of that, toasted and smothered in butter, is one of the best breakfasts out there. Continue reading

Soup’s Up: Mushroom Barley Soup

photo 3

One of my early New Year’s resolutions is to stop apologizing so much, so I’m totally NOT sorry that there are way less photos than normal for this post, and that they were all taken hurriedly on my iPhone. I was pretty hungry and the soup smelled delicious! (spoiler alert: it also tasted delicious)

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