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Croutons: Not Just For Salad

IMG_7365Though it took me about 20 years to warm up to the idea of salad, I have always loved croutons. I used to pick them off my mom’s salads and dip them in a bit of dressing. The weird thing is that now I love salad, but I really don’t like croutons mixed in — I eat them separately. Continue reading

Irish Soda Bread & A Raisin Theory


To be honest, before I tried Irish soda bread I was of the mind that raisins don’t belong in any baked goods. I’m fine with raisins in my cereal or granola, but it is so upsetting to bite into what you think is a chocolate chip cookie, only to discover it’s an oatmeal raisin one. Tough life, I know. Continue reading

Breaking B(re)ad


The idea of baking bread (or really just working with yeast) has always intimidated me. It’s something about the rising dough and having to set aside so much time for the whole process that kept me away from it. It’s funny that I worry about the commitment, since I’ve actually made bread before: when I was little, my grandmother would bake bread with me and my sister, and it was always so much fun. Continue reading

No Yeast Required: White Cheddar Beer Bread


So the whole idea of using yeast and kneading and getting the bread to rise has always intimidated me, so I like to make bread that doesn’t require any of that. And beer is always great, so I was very excited to try this recipe. It scared me a little that there really aren’t that many ingredients, but don’t worry – the bread was amazing. It’s a really hearty bread that’s great for the fall. Continue reading