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Spiced Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting

Being the good American that I am, whenever I see an awesome recipe, I think, “How can I make that into a dessert?” So when I was flipping through the whimsical Tassajara Bread Book last year and spied the artfully named “Festival Spice Muffins,” I immediately decided they could use a nice cream cheese frosting on them. Continue reading

French Toast (is Easy)

53bc239371670821278b461aFrench toast is ridiculously easy to make. And I would like to state for the record here that no one bothered to tell me this. To be fair, though, I’ve never been a huge French toast fan — I seem to be one of the only humans who isn’t in love with maple syrup, so that ingredient had sort of kept me away from the toast for a while. But I do like maple syrup in small doses, and I’m sure I will be using the stuff more now that I know how quickly I can whip up some French toast. Continue reading

Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cups: Breakfast or Dessert?


Chocolate chips, peanut butter, and banana: The combination of the three is both amazingly delicious and easy on the taste buds — the stuff of children’s food. These oatmeal peanut butter cups from the blog Eat Real Healthy Food are easy to pull together and hearty. Part peanut butter cup, part oatmeal banana muffin, these oatmeal peanut butter cups are muffin-sized and taste amazing. They can be a slightly healthier dessert or an indulgent breakfast, depending on your mood. And you probably have all of the ingredients right now, if you’re doing things right. Continue reading

Goodrich Honey Walnut Cream Cheese


Almost every weekday morning in college, I got a latte and a whole wheat bagel with honey walnut cream cheese from the school’s coffeehouse in Goodrich. And to be honest, I’ve been craving that cream cheese ever since I graduated. So although I have to move on from my awesome breakfasts in Goodrich (easier said than done), I can still try to recreate the delicious cream cheese from those mornings.

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[Chocolate Chip Banana] Pancakes


After chocolate chip cookies, pancakes were the second thing that I learned how to make. I always put chocolate chips in them (see the pattern here?), but it was only a few years ago that I started adding bananas as well.

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