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Cinnamon Roll Smoothie, aka Almond and Walnut Vanilla Spiced Smoothie


WOW. I’m a big fan of smoothies, and I try to make them at least once a week or so (and more often when my sister is home making them, since I get inspired). I usually stick to fruit-based ones, and try to add in some cinnamon and almond butter whenever possible. But this one was different and especially amazing. Continue reading

Hot Chocolate


It’s snowing here in Baltimore!! So it was obviously time to break out the big mugs and try a new hot chocolate recipe. This recipe also marks my first Sips post, sorry I’ve been favoring the Noms! I found this one on the blog A Beautiful Mess – they have great recipes as well as decor and craft ideas. This hot chocolate is not as sweet as most, but it’s very chocolate-y and the cinnamon adds a nice touch. Continue reading