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Breaking B(re)ad


The idea of baking bread (or really just working with yeast) has always intimidated me. It’s something about the rising dough and having to set aside so much time for the whole process that kept me away from it. It’s funny that I worry about the commitment, since I’ve actually made bread before: when I was little, my grandmother would bake bread with me and my sister, and it was always so much fun. Continue reading



Here’s a little secret I just discovered — homemade Pop-Tarts are easy to make (though budget an hour for the dough to chill in the fridge). Crazy, right? They seem to be the next big dessert trend, following in the footsteps of cupcakes, fro-yo, macarons, and cronuts (a cross between a croissant and a doughnut). Continue reading

Skillet Pizza


I hope someone accidentally read that title as “Skrillex Pizza.”

On Sunday afternoon, Erich and I decided to make some pizza. Homemade or partially homemade pizza had always been a mediocre experience for me, but we had both read about cooking pizza in a cast iron skillet instead, so we thought we would give it a whirl. We loosely worked off of a recipe from the food blog Macheesmo.

Continue reading