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Blackberry Ice Cream

IMG_7280I’ll never understand the weather anymore. While winter took its time hanging around, summer cut spring short and brought on the heat and humidity pretty quickly. The upside to the temperature rise was that it offered a great excuse to make some ice cream (not that I ever need a reason or an excuse). I went with a blackberry ice cream, even though blackberries aren’t in season — they should be ready next month or so. I’ll definitely be making some more of this with fresh blackberries then, because this recipe was really rich and creamy. Continue reading

Vanilla Ice Cream


I’ve only recently started to appreciate the simple staple that is vanilla ice cream. Don’t worry, I still always pick chocolate over vanilla. But I’ve come to enjoy a good scoop of vanilla as a blank canvas to add on more sweet (usually chocolate) stuff. I’m a big fan of different textures with my ice cream, so this works out well (I still miss the chocolate fro-yo with natural peanut butter and whipped cream that I would eat almost every night in college). Continue reading

Happy Halloween: Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream

photo 2

Oh Halloween, you salty mistress – it’s really one of the only times a year that I eat candy, and I always regret the amount I eat. So I decided to get on the defensive this year and make some ice cream to combat my sugar cravings in a slightly healthier, homemade way. I recently got an old-fashioned ice cream maker, and this was the first test run. Continue reading