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13 Hearty, Year-Round Salad Recipes


Hi friends! I’ve gotten some requests for easy salad recipes, and I’m more than happy to oblige (plus it helps me get all my ideas in one place, so win-win!). I try to eat salads for lunch, and I usually prefer heartier salads. The nice thing about salads is that you can throw a lot of different stuff in there — I use leftovers from dinner to expand my lunch salads the next day. Continue reading

Croutons: Not Just For Salad

IMG_7365Though it took me about 20 years to warm up to the idea of salad, I have always loved croutons. I used to pick them off my mom’s salads and dip them in a bit of dressing. The weird thing is that now I love salad, but I really don’t like croutons mixed in — I eat them separately. Continue reading